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Vale Do Lobo is situated in the Algarve region of Portugal (just 13 miles from Faro Airport – transfers start from just £7 per person return) and is well known for the spectacular golf courses. There are two golf courses in Vale Do Lobo, the Ocean and the Royal so most hotels in this region caters for the needs of the guests who are looking for a relaxing golf vacation.

Vale Do Lobo apartments are among the most visited hotels in the world because thousands and thousands of golf enthusiasts visit this region to play their favourite game in a spectacular place. Most of these hotels are mostly luxurious which provide for excellent and quality services and amenities for the guests. Their rooms are also spacious and have many varieties of facilities and to top it up they have first class customer service experience.

If you are looking for a place to relax after spending your day in the golf course, hiking or sightseeing, you need not think of any other place other than the Vale Do Lobo hotels.

Playing golf is not the only thing to do in Vale do Lobo; there are plenty of other things to do. The larger Algarve region is home to so many beautiful towns, attractions, villages and beaches which are only a few distances from Vale Do Lobo. This is the reason why Vale Do Lobo hotels provide the perfect place to organize for any of these tours. In addition, Vale Do Lobo hotels cater for everyone’s needs since there are the luxurious 5 star hotels and the cheap hotels likewise to the bed and breakfast hotels.

Some of the famous hotels in Vale do Lobo include Ria Park Garden Hotel, Ria Park Hotel and Spa Almancil, Aparthotel Farmosa Park Hotel Apt, Hotel Dona Filipa and San Lorenzo GolfCourse, Hotel Rural Quinta de Bispos, Jardins Do Golfe Hotel among others.

5 star Vale do Lobo Hotels:

Dona Fillipa and San Lorenzo Golf Resort

Ria Park Hotel and Spa

4 star Vale do Lobo Hotels:

Jardins do Golfe

Ria Park Garden Hotel