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Sagres is a small town in close proximity to Cape Saint Vincent to the most western of Europe. It is to the far west of Europe and is protected from the westerly winds and rough seas that are common in this area.

There are many reasons why you should choose to go to Sagres to spend your holiday. It offers hot summer that is tempered by the westerly winds that come from the Atlantic. The cape is shaped in a way that there are many small sheltered beaches that provide the perfect place for sunbathing. It also has large number of beaches which are travellers’ paradise.

Sagres hotels are popular for anyone seeking for a place to relax as it is always possible to find a hotel that is secluded.

Most of these hotels target the naturalist and ornithologists who are visiting the place to see the great amount of nature in this area. Sagres is the centre for attractions and that is why most Sagres hotels are filled all year round. The hotels are mostly filled during summer as it is a season that is most popular to travellers because of the hot and dry climate.

You will always find a hotel even in summer as they do not become overpopulated and of course it is one of the attractions. Sagres has a square with bars and restaurants around the perimeter, a beautiful beach and a working harbour. Sagres hotels offer visitors a nightlife experience like no other although it is kind of low key, there are small number of restaurants and bars which offer friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

3 star Sagres Hotels:

Da Baleeira

Don Tenorio