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Praia da Rocha is a kind of resort built in close proximity to Portimao and is a 50 minute drive from the Faro Airport. The beach has it all as it is a stretch of sand that is sheltered by cliffs with large rocks formations in and out of the water. This resort is a perfect place for boat rides and water sports that is why it is filled all year round. Nightlife in Praia da Rocha is lively with several bars, casinos and clubs stretching across the place. Praia da Rocha has no equal as it is one of the most visited places in the region.

There are a number of reasons that will make you want to go to Praia da Rocha. It is a very popular resort for many travellers returning year after year. One of the reasons is because of its hot temperatures and the long stretch of beach with the interesting rock formation. In addition, thousands and thousands of people visit this resort because it has a number of golf courses which include a championship course.

This is one resort where you will find most of the activities that are ideal for the whole family. Praia da Rocha has something for everyone as it is centrally placed to access the many tourist attractions. Golfers can enjoy their favourite game in a relaxing atmosphere whereas the sun seekers and the water sports enthusiasts will enjoy the clear water and the fine beaches. There is every reason why you should put Praia da Rocha on your list of must see destinations.

Some of the featured hotels in Praia da Rocha include Clube Praia Da Rocha, Algarve Casino and Hotel, Apt Tur Presidente Hotel, Ocean Atlatntico Apartamentos Turisticos Hotel, Clube Praia Vau, Santa Catarina, Clube Praia Mar, among others.

5 star Praia da Rocha Hotels:

Algarve Casino Hotel

4 star Praia da Rocha Hotels:

Estrela do Vau Apartments

Jupiter Hotel
Oriental Hotel

3 star Praia da Rocha Hotels:

Club Amarilis Apartments
Club Praia da Rocha Apartments
Club Praia Vau Apartments
Clube Avenida Praia
Clube dos Arcos
Clube Vila Rosa
Cruzeiro Apartments
Iate Hotel

Luar Hotel
Riviera Hotel
Santa Catarina
Sol Flor da Rocha
Solmonte Hotel
Squash Apartments

2 star Praia da Rocha Hotels:

Mirachoro II Apartments