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One of the things that most travellers neglect or forget when they are planning to go for vacation is where to get the accommodation. After they get the air ticket, they think that everything is in order and they just start packing not knowing where to stay once they arrive.

That is why it is important before even thinking of the air ticket to look for accommodation so that once you arrive at your destination, you will not have a rough time looking for a place to sleep and do your things. Accommodation should be your number one priority because if you fail to book earlier, you will have to pay higher than the normal fees or you will get a hotel that does not have what you wanted hence making your trip an unsatisfying one. Worst of all, you may even miss a place to stay which will be disastrous for you and your family.

That is the reason if you plan to visit Portimao, you are suppose to make the necessary arrangements in reserving your hotel and doing any other thing that will benefit you in your vacation.

Portimao hotels are among the most sought after hotels and that is why booking earlier is mandatory. You may as well re-schedule your travel to a time when there is less activity and most of the hotels will have little business. The bad thing about visiting during the off-peak season is that you will not have all the fun that is present when everybody else is in vacation.

Some of the featured hotels in Portimao include Le Meridien Penina Golf and Resort Portimao, Hotel Algarve Casino Portimao, Hotel Tivilo Marina, Hotel Orintal Portimao, Oceano Atlantico Apartments Portimao, Vista Marina Apartmentos Turisticos Portimao, Hotel Da Rocha Portimao, Nikki Beach Resort Portimao.

5 star Portimao Hotels:

Le Meridien Penina Golf Resort

4 star Portimao Hotels:

Luar Hotel

Tivoli Marina Portimao

Vau Costa Apartments
Vitors Village

3 star Portimao Hotels:

Dunas de Alvor
Globo Hotel
Jardins do Vau
Mar a Vista

Quinta da Praia Apartments
Solmonte Apartments
Torre Verde 3 Castelos

2 star Portimao Hotels

Mirachoro Sol

Tropimar Hotel