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Monte Gordo is a holiday resort that is located 50 km east of Faro International Airport which is to the east of Algarve in Portugal. It is a large and spacious town laid out with wide streets.

Monte Gordo has plenty of places to eat and drink that is why by choosing to have your vacation in this town, you are adding to your list of the most memorable places you have ever gone to. This region has a conducive climate for golf and other sporting activities that is why it is one of the well known travel destinations that receives thousands and thousands visitors each year.

Since Monte Gordo is such a busy town, it means that when making your travel arrangements, you need to put accommodation as the number one priority so that you don’t miss on where to stay once you arrive in this beautiful town.

That is why you got to decide whether to stay at a 5 star hotel or go to the more economic bed and breakfast hotel. There are also common options like the 4 star hotels, the 3 star hotels that you have to choose from. Choosing a hotel will depend merely on the amount of money you want to spend in your holiday so it is best to draw a budget so that you will know which category of hotel to spend your vacation at.

4 star Monte Gordo Hotels:

Casablanca Inn
Duna Mar
Estalagem do Guadiana

Eurotel Altura
Iberotel Praia Montegordo
Vasco de Gama

3 star Monte Gordo Hotels:

Alba Hotel
Alcazar Hotel
Baia de Montegordo

Calema Aparthotel
Guadiana Aparthotel
Hotel Navegadores