A guide to Armacao de Pera, Algarve, Portugal

A guide to Armacao de Pera, Algarve, Portugal

Armacao de Pera is, like a number of resorts along the Algarve, a small fishing village turned holiday resort. Today, it manages to sustain both its age-old tradition of fishing alongside its more recently discovered tourism trade. Its history of fishing can be clearly seen in the name of the village, which literally refers to the fishing net of Pera. Particularly popular in the area was the tuna fish, which was caught using a net which the fisherman called the ‘armacao’. Given that this fishing village lay close to the area known as Pera, the village ended up being called Armacao de Pera.

The main fishing area, the ‘Fisherman’s Beach’ is a hotspot for both fisherman and visitors to the area. There is a wide array of restaurants, serving fresh fish caught down on the beach, and the village boasts one of the most picturesque beaches in the Algarve. Caves and beautiful coastlines can be viewed from around the area and the beach’s gentle slope and calm seas make it ideal for children. Also on offer to travellers are traces of the rich history of the area that includes the pretty Senhora da Rocha chapel.

A Brief History
Armacao de Pera is a village that has expanded rapidly since tourism hit the area in the 1960s following the construction of an international airport nearby. Before then, the town consisted of little more than a collection of small huts where local fishermen rested and kept their fishing boats. It is thought that the majority of fishermen and locals lived in Pera, a town located a short distance from the beach. The fact that this small gathering of small shacks were primarily used by fishermen from Pera, who used tuna nets, or ‘amacao’, to catch fish, gave rise to the common and appropriate name Armacao de Pera.

The Tuna fishing industry has existed in these parts since before the 15th Century, according to historians, and it has largely maintained the semi-village for great periods of time. In the 18th century, were threatened by outside enemies and thus fell under the protection of a small fort whose remains can still be visited today. In the 1960s, the fishing village underwent its greatest change in its history as travellers hungry for pristine beaches and gorgeous coasts prompted a transformation of the town which is today full of hotels, restaurants and shops.

In Town Attractions
Armacao de Pera holidays can cater to a wide range of different tastes. During the three summer months, the village overflows with visitors turning the place into a bubbling and bustling resort whereas if visited off-season, the village offers a peaceful and tranquil location to relax. The main town area is largely made up of holiday apartment blocks which can provide cheap holidays in Armacao de Pera. On the ground floor of many of these blocks are located restaurants and bars that make the nightlife of the area vibrant and varied. On the other hand, for those looking for an insight into the traditional and typically laid-back Algarve, the rural and unspoilt Pera village can be visited.

The most popular attraction for travellers, however, is the beaches. One of the longest sandy beaches in the Algarve lies by Armacao de Pera. Dramatic rock formations can be found up and down the coast as well as grottos and coves created as the result of millennia of erosion by waves. Another interesting attraction is the Romanesque Chapel of Senhora da Rocha, where fishermen used to pray before fishing.

Surrounding Attractions
In the surrounding area around Armacao de Pera are situated a number of attractive towns that would be of interest to tourists. The market towns Algoz, Alcantarilha and Porches lie nearby as well as the city of Silves whose rich and fascinating history can still be seen in its grand walls and castle.

Further Armacao de Pera Holidays Information

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